The specific objectives of this Work Package (WP) are to:

  • Develop CPD training modules for language teaching professionals that can be used across all 6 project languages and the 6 target sectors
  • Pilot the CPD modules in each of the partner countries
  • Enable language schools/teachers to offer vocationally specific language learning to a broader range of learners
  • Enable language schools/teachers to better adapt language learning to employer skills needs

The objectives of this WP primarily contribute to the second main objective of the Intercambio+ project, which is to:

‘Better adapt language learning and VET to employer skills needs, including through more effective integration of language learning with work experience and VET provision’
This WP will also contribute to the third main objective of the project, which is to:

‘Support language schools and language teaching professionals in adopting and offering vocationally based language learning that are accessible to a broader range of learners from different social, economic and educational backgrounds’

This WP will contribute to these objectives by creating and piloting CPD training for language learning professionals that will equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to support learners in using the ‘Intercambio’ conversation exchange learning method in the context of the target sectors and in a structured manner that facilitates vocationally specific language learning. This work will also facilitate enhanced links between language schools and employers in the target sectors, especially those engaged with experience and VET programmes. This will enable language schools and teachers to offer sector-specific language learning to VET learners and workers at the start of their careers in a way that responds to their learning needs and is also cost-effective, inclusive and responsive to employer skills needs in the target sectors.