The main objectives of this Work Package (WP) are to:

  • Compile language exchange exercises from 6 different sectors, in 6 EU languages at both beginner and intermediatelevels
  • Design an accessible mobile application to aid language-exchange
  • Enable validation of VET-based language learning through the application
  • Test and adapt the mobile application

These objectives will contribute to the first project objective which is to:

“Address gaps between language learning and Vocational Education and Training (VET) and the world of work by developing innovative, vocationally specific language learning materials and teaching methods”

And also the second project objective which is to:

“Better adapt language learning and VET to employer skills needs, including through more effective integration of language learning with work experience and VET provision”

This WP will contribute to these objectives by synthesizing the language exchange material into one source (the mobile application).This will result in an integrated base for vocational language learning. The validating of language learning, WP objective 3, will give the user a visible employable skill that employers can recognise and also help integration of the participant in the work-place due to increased language learning in their sector. The testing and adaption of the mobile application, WP objective 4, means that the users will get the most out of the experience and it will be accessible and functional. As a whole, this WP will aim to produce a novel language learning application that is targeted at learning vocational based language and will be available in Spanish, English, French, Greek, Portuguese and Italian in the 6 different sectors in both intermediate (CEFR level B1/B2) and beginner (CEFR level A1/A2).