This Work Package (WP) will primarily contribute to the first and second main objectives of the Intercambio+ VET project through the specific objectives of:

  • To research language that would be appropriate and useful in specific vocational sectors
  • To create vocationally specific conversation exercises for each of the target sectors
  • To translate the material into each of the six languages of the partner countries
  • To make language exchange accessible and structured to overcome language barriers in the European job market.
  • To test the material created through a pilot study

Researchers in each of the partner organisations will conduct mostly desk-based qualitative research into what material to use for the vocational language exchange exercises. The research will be compiled into a resource with 20 language exchange prompts and activities on each target sector. These will be designed to be well suited to the context of a language exchange event. The materials will then be translated into each of the 6 languages of the partner countries. This ensures that the resources developed for all the sectors are available in the partner languages and therefore reach a wider audience.

Making language exchange accessible and structured will help overcome language barriers in the European job market. We anticipate this will lead to increased employment opportunities as mentioned in the European level effect of this project and will also contribute to the first main objective by developing innovative, vocationally specific language learning materials.

The piloting phase will mean testing the material produced to assess that is fit for purpose. It will allow participants to give feedback on the effectiveness of exercises and resources, particularly in relation to facilitating integration of language learning within the workplace.