The Mobile App permit to compile language exchange exercises from 6 different sectors, in 6 EU languages at both beginner and intermediate levels.

The phases to reach the objectives of the app are:

(1)The mobile application architecture is developed to produce a minimum viable product (MVP)
The lead of this WP YuzuPulse will create a functioning application that will carry out the required tasks. This will include a login, a profile page, a homepage, and different buttons leading to each sector and the ability to change between languages and levels. This MVP will be used as a base, after which development adaptation will occur after testing and feedback.

(2)The content produced by the partners is adapted to fit the format of the mobile application
The vocational language learning exercises, after translation (which is a part of WP2) will be adapted from their original text format into the mobile application. There may need to be some decision making among partners about how the material gets adapted if it is not suitable yet for the app format. The lead partner should guide the other partners on how to produce appappropriate content.

(3)The validation feature of the app functions to allow one registered user to validate the progress of another registered user
One of the main deliverables of the mobile application is that users can validate others’ language learning. For example, User A who speaks B2 Spanish will be able to verify that User B, whose native language is Greek, can speak A2 Spanish. This will be displayed on User B’s profile and can be used to track language progress.

(4)The app is successful in user testing and can be disseminated
The app will undergo user testing once some of the material has been inputted. This is to make sure that the app functions as it is meant to and is easy to use and accessible. The first user test will be with a small group and they will use the alpha version, after which the app can be debugged. Then the beta version will be tested with a wider group. The people taking part in the testing process will be VET participants.The dissemination of the app will be outlined in WP5.