The INTERCAMBIO + VET – LANGUAGE EXCHANGE FOR VET AND PROFESSIONALS project will respond to the policy priority by addressing gaps between language learning, Vocational Education and Training (VET) and the world of work. The project focuses on vocationally specific language learning and will work with partners in 6 different EU Member States to develop and pilot learning materials designed to support the development of conversation skills for specific economic sectors.

The project will also establish and pilot new and innovative Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training programmes for language learning professionals.

The language learning materials developed and implemented by the project will enable VET learners – especially students participating in international work experience programmes such as Erasmus KA1 – to benefit from language learning opportunities that combine practical, day-to-day conversation and communication with sector-specific knowledge. This will respond directly to language learning priorities of the European Education Area by enhancing the language skills and mobility of EU workers and VET learners, enabling them to access a wider range of learning and employment opportunities, helping to boost the competitiveness of the European labour market.

The innovative pedagogical methods and CPD training programmes that the project will develop and pilot will enable language schools to offer vocationally and sector-specific language learning to a much wider range of learners. Many language schools and teachers do offer sector-specific language teaching but typically as a high cost, specialist service, effectively only available to wealthy corporations and highly paid professionals. The project will enable language schools and teachers to offer sector-specific language learning to VET learners and workers at the start of their careers in a way that responds to their learning needs and is also cost-effective, inclusive and responsive to employer skills needs.